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Castelane helped me extensively with my third novel, Unrelenting Peril. First, a thorough read of an early draft with useful, incisive comments. Then, an edit that added measurably to the story quality. An outstanding design of both covers and content came next. Then, comprehensive coaching to publish in both paperback and ebook. Finally, a preview trailer video that attracted more than 2K Facebook views the first week. As an author who has worked with publishers in the past, I am not only impressed with the work of Castelane, I am satisfied beyond measure. (Let's keep it secret though. I know I’ll need help again for my next book!)

As three novices in having a book published, we were at sea as to how to proceed.
Thankfully, we had the good fortune to engage Kim McDougall at Castelane. Not only was she patient, insightful and creative, but she guided us through every step of the enterprise from initial conversations to the final product. We had many questions and she eagerly responded and never tired of repeating answers, and she did so gracefully and professionally.
Her design and lay out produced a work we are most proud of.
Teachers in Autumn is our collection of poetry and without Kim's assistance and guidance it would never have been completed.
Thank you, Kim - and now onto our next collection with Castelane.

Kim MacDougall has helped me publish my first book. I hope it won’t be my last that she guides me through.

She shepherded me through every detail from start to finish. I could never have accomplished this so easily as I have. I am very grateful.

Besides covering publishing details, she is a very fine person to work with - punctual, and having a great sense of humour!!!

Brenda Clark, St Thomas, Ontario

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