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With the rise of of the ebook, self-publishing is now easier than ever before. This means more choices for readers. And what turns off a reader more than anything? Poor editing. No one should proof their own work. It’s too easy to miss typos in a manuscript that's close to your heart. So before you spend money to market that diamond of a manuscript, make sure it is polished to a shine. 

Proofreading is done on a manuscript after it has received its final edit. We provide this service as a fresh pair of eyes to look for any typographical errors and formatting inconsistencies. We will point out grammar and punctuation “errors,” but since there are many rules and exceptions to the rules, sometimes punctuation depends on house/author style. Proofreading does not include correcting editorial mistakes that should have been addressed by previous editors. If you need a more in-depth edit, check out our LINE/COPY EDITING or DEVELOPMENTAL EDITING services.

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$7.15/1000 words (CDN)

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